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Complete your project with our committed engineering team. We have decades of experience building high-tech wireless solutions that solve our customers problems.

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Design and Supply - Custom Radios

Matrix will design, manufacture, and supply custom electronic solutions. In particular, Matrix supplies custom wireless radio transmitters for the industrial marketplace. Torque wrenches and clamps can be outfitted with radios to report torque verification data for assembly plants.

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Wyze Temp ® Wireless Sensors — Food Processing

Matrix supplies wireless sensors and accompanying software to food processing companies who want wireless real-time monitoring of temperature, weight, and airflow for ovens, steamers, and chillers. Unlike products that simply measure temperature, our process control integration allows for faster cooking, moisture retention, safety compliance, improved yield and profitability.

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Wyze Scan ® RFID Inventory Management System

With millions of dollars of product sitting on shelves, there is much room for improvement in inventory management. Custom tailored for surgery room inventory. Does your inventory method take days to complete and is not completely accurate? You need RFID.

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Innovation with RFID, wireless, hardware and software product development all under one roof.


Innovative, agile, fast-moving, flexible, leading edge, niche technology experts.  Matrix is on the Board for the Dash7 Alliance, a low-power, long-range wireless networking technology. Learn more about our products and how we can help your business succeed.


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Do you want to read sensors, diagnose products, or control products with your Smartphone, iOS or Android? Matrix designs the embedded controls AND writes the Apps!